Batch Asphalt Plant is preferred in big cities with its comfortable working opportunity.Batch Type is used for long-term use. Batch asphalt plant is the plant preferred by urban engineers and municipalities. It produces quality asphalt for the areas to be created in long-term studies.

How do you apply Batch Type asphalt?

Asphalt plant facilities create the hot mix material by mixing one-dimensional aggregate and bitumen in various shapes. Asphalt plant consists of cold aggregate feeding, conveyor belt, filter, aggregate elevator, filling elevator, acting sieve, hot aggregate passage silo, aggregate bitumen and filler weighing scale, asphalt mixer, product silo, asphalt plant mixer, hot oil tanks and control.

In batch type asphalt plants, the bunkers come to the adults for the cold aggregate discharged products. Aggregates, which are dried by separating from moisture with the burner, are sent to the sieve with an elevator. The vibrating sieve can also be designed according to its dimensions and is prepared in accordance with the aggregate and filling recipe. In batch end productions, integrated production is carried out on the production assembly.

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Asphalt Plant Equipment and Features

Cold feed silos store materials of different sizes and are transferred to the system according to the recipe of materials and are the starting point of asphalt production.

Thanks to automation, it works in coordination with the hot silo.

8-16 m³ capacity, 4 or more can be used according to customer's requirement.

Automatic feed rates can be adjusted in the control cabinet.

Thanks to the silo body of the cold feed bunker, there is no deformation under load.

With its perfect design, it precisely carries the material stored in the cold aggregate silo.

Vibrator motor is used for fine material flow.

Depending on the moisture content of the aggregate and the amount entering the dryer, the burner's capacity can be adjusted from the control cabinet.

Thanks to its fully automatic heat control system, it keeps the burner efficiency high.

Fuel-oil, diesel or LPG is optionally used with low fuel consumption.

The burner complies with high safety standards that all fuel pipes are insulated

Thanks to the excellent design of the easily replaceable dryer buckets, it provides the aggregates to be heated and dried with an optimum heat transfer surface.

By installing a dryer inverter, rapid start and sudden stops are prevented. Thus, the deformation of the ring wheels is reduced.

It facilitates drum rotation by being driven by motor reductors.

It has a body that is covered with stainless steel sheet and insulated with rock wool to prevent heat losses.

It provides low operating costs and long-lasting use thanks to its dust-proof design and heat-resistant bags.

Jet-Pulse filter is used and the bags can be easily changed.

The filter dust collection system consists of a pre-separator and a filtering section.

There is insulation suitable for heat transfer so that the filter is not damaged by high temperatures.

There is temperature measurement at the inlet and outlet of the filter.

It can be 4.5 or optionally 6 layers, which prevents the mixing of materials.

Wear-resistant, easily replaceable steel sieve wires are available.

Compact, fully enclosed and dust-tight maintenance covers and platforms are available.

It has vibrator motorized by-pass operation systems.

Depending on the production capacity and the type of asphalt, aggregate, bitumen, fillers, additives and recycling materials are mixed homogeneously.

It is used high quality gearboxes, which can work in synchronization and  suitable for heavy-duty operation.

It has heat and wear resistant pneumatically controlled covers.

It has long-lasting mixer arm and hardox wear plates.

The sifted aggregates are stored in the chambers of the hot aggregate silo according to their particle sizes.

It operates in coordination with the cold aggregate silo.

There are separate level indicators and sampling sections for each material.

It can be 4 or more chambers with temperature level sensors.

Weighing is carried out with load-cells on aggregate, bitumen and filler scales.

The weighing capacity is 4500 kg in the aggregate scale, 400 kg in the bitumen scale and 500 kg in the filler scale.

The desired weight recipe can be adjusted from the control cabinet with the help of the computerized control system.

Bucket inlet against wear have backing protection with support plates.

Chains in accordance with TSE Standards are used.

It is easily accessible with the design of the bearings that will not come into contact with dust.

It enables the use of the filler kept in the filter and the external filler in the asphalt plant.

It has a capacity of 20-30 ton.

There is a level control system that prevents overflow.

It should be optionally have 2 sections.

There are level sensors.

Insulation thickness varies according to the environment in which it is located.

Discharge covers are heated to prevent freezing.

Bitumen tanks are produced with hot oil or electrical heating in a capacity of 30,40,50,60 tons.

It can be positioned horizontally or vertically according to the project requirement.

The outer surface is covered with aluminum or galvanized sheet with glass wool or rock wool insulation.

     Temperature control can be done effectively with automatic control valves.

It provides easy transportation and installation with its compact design.

Standard production is carried out at capacities of 500.000- 3,000,000 kcal/h.

It provides flow temperature and pressure safety with the security sensor used at the oil inlet and outlet.

It has the principle of automatically activation and deactivation with minimum and maximum temperature control times.

Power asphalt plants can be controlled from the system fully automatically or semi-automatically.

The control cabinet is placed at a point where it can monitor the whole plant.

The SCADA program used is simple, understandable and functional.

It provides the opportunity to determine the desired number of recipes and to report products.

It can be easily intervened with the remote access feature.


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