Production in European Standards


Power stationary asphalt plants are produced at capacities of 80-320 T/H. It is designed for transportation and easy assembly with its modular design. Additional unit selections such as hot asphalt bin, bitumen tanks, cellulose unit are made according to the customer's request and the scope of the road project.


In the mobile asphalt plant, each unit is compactly designed on a mobile chassis. It is produced in capacities of 80-160 tons/hour. Mobile asphalt plants have the advantage of fast installation and commissioning. They are used in road projects that need to be relocated in short time intervals.


It is produced in mobile or stationary type, with capacity of 80-240 T/H. Low operating and maintenance costs are the most important advantages. It has fast installation and commissioning specification. It doen’t have screen and weighing units. The fillers, aggregate and bitumen required for asphalt production are dosed by volume and mixed in the mixer.

Asphalt Plant Equipment Features


Bins can be selected in the range of 8-25 m³ according to the customer's request. Each bin has a grid to prevent aggregates with a large diameter from being included in the system. Dosing conveyors are frequency controlled. Aggregate feeding is done according to the recipe entered into the software. A vibromotor is used in order to prevent the fine aggregate from getting stuck in the bin. It can also be produced in 4-5-6 fractions according to the customer's request.


Dryers of Power Asphalt are extremely efficient. Robust, compact and energy-efficient designs minimize maintenance requirements and reduce fuel consumption. Italian production burner is used. It offers the possibility of working with gas, diesel or heavy oil. Body and inner blade materials are resistant to heat and abrasion. Rings are manufactured as one piece (without welding) from special forged steel. Ring and roller surfaces are hardened, providing long-lasting use.



Elevator buckets have high heat and abrasion resistance. Special forged steel chains are used in elevators. They have a completely sealed body. Design for easy assemble has being provided. Back-locked gearboxes are used as a precaution against power cuts. The soft starter system is also used as a precaution against lifting at the first or on load.


stationary-asphalt-plant-screenPower asphalt plant vibrating screens sift hot aggregate in an extremely efficient way. It is environment friendly due to dust-proof body structure. Screens are offered in a wide range of options with 4-5-6 fractional designs. Due to design it is easy to maintain.

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mıxer-asphalt-plantPower asphalt twin shaft mixers provide homogeneous asphalt mixture in a short time. Gearboxes are mounted to work synchronously and are suitable for heavy-duty conditions. Mixer castings are manufactured in a way that is resistant to wear and heat, and can be easily changed. 

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Aggregate, filler and bitumen scales are designed for precise weighing. Delicate weighing is carried out according to the required recipe in the software. Bitumen scale is equipped with electrical resistances against cooling and insulated against heat losses. Filler scale works with vibromotor against clogging. Filler and bitumen outlet flaps are made of heat resistant material. Aggregate scale has double cover and is designed to quick discharge.

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The airflow has been optimized through a highly technical analysis. Modern technology of the bag house with reverse air flow offers up to 3 times bag life compared to jet pulse system, as well as low energy consumption. Metaaramid filter bags are resistant to high temperatures and have a long wear life. The driver-controlled fan system provides lower energy consumption and easier use. The bag house body with a pre-separator reduces the filter load by 50%. The isolation system minimizes temperature losses and prevents sudden cooling, preventing blockages and oxidation in the bag house.

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  • It enables the use of mineral filler kept in the filter or externally supplied filler together in the asphalt plant.
  • It ensures that unsuitable or excess filler kept in the filter go to the waste dust tank.
  • In this system, a small mixer is used to discharge the filler to the outside (to trucks).
  • In this way, dusting is eliminated and the environment gets rid of negative effects.
  • You can have detailed information by reviewing our article ‘’Asphalt Plant Filler System’’.


The PowerControl scada program allows the asphalt plant to be used automatically, semi-automatically or manually. It has the feature of reporting and saving historical reports. In case of malfunction, it gives information about the cause of the errors. It offers unlimited number of recipes and customer saving options. In addition, Turkish, English, French, Russian, Arabic language options are available. Due to the use of the global components, it is easy to supply parts in every country. The remote access feature provides the opportunity to identify and solve malfunctions 24/7, from anywhere with the help internet connection.


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Asphalt Plant - Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

Power Asphalt plants can manufacture Stationary (Batch-Fixed), Mobile and Continuous Type asphalt plants in the capacity range of 80-320 tons/hour. Power Asphalt, which produces with world-class design and quality equipment, provides service with its experienced and experienced engineer staff.

Power Asphalt can offer solutions in line with customer demands. Our asphalt plants, which are produced in accordance with International Standards, provide high fuel economy with low emission fuel.

Our asphalt production facilities are equipped with modular design and user-friendly automation system.

When the production of our Asphalt Mixing Plant Facilities is finished, each piece is tested at our factory site, and problems that may occur in the field are prevented by assembly. Products are shipped with the approval of our quality control personnel.

With our after-sales 24/7 technical support unit, you can find quick solutions to problems. In addition, with our asphalt plant remote access feature, software problems in your facility can be resolved, and remote facility operation can be performed when necessary.

Technical support And Asphalt Plant Parts

We are always with our customers after the sale of the Asphalt Plant. For this reason, our technical service team provides quality service to our customers. You can get service by calling us immediately on issues such as assembly, disassembly, technical information and consultancy, repair, modification, emergency maintenance and revision. If you wish, we are with our customers at all times and under all conditions with our remote or on-site service.

In case of periodic maintenance and malfunctions of the facility, you can get Asphalt Plant spare parts support by contacting both the field personnel and the spare parts support team of the company.

Environmental Policy

Power asphalt plants care about environmental policies and produce machines that cause minimum dust emission and noise pollution to the environment. Thanks to the periodic training given to our employees in this regard, we minimize any damage to the environment.


Power Asphalt Plants has ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificates.


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