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80-240 ton/hour

Continuous type asphalt plants; They are preferred with their prominent features such as easy installation, low initial investment cost, and low maintenance costs. Power continuous type asphalt plant; It is produced as mobile or fixed in capacity ranges of 80-240 tons per hour.



Mobility and high capacity combined

  • Asphalt production on mobile or stationary chassis in 80-240 tons/hour capacity
  • Minimum crane requirement
  • Quick assembly
  • Minimum cost of concrete foundation

High quality hot asphalt production

  • Mixing in a double-shaft continuous mixer outside of the dryer
  • Precise dosing of bitumen, aggregate and filler
  • Double shaft mixer providing high homogeneity and long wear resistance

Efficient fuel consumption

  • Excellent heat transfer between aggregate and flame
  • Italian burner quality and proportional fuel burning technology
  • Heat insulated dryer

User-friendly software

  • PowerControl software system
  • Automatic and manual use feature
  • Full control of production
  • User-friendly interface and multi-language support
  • Possibility of immediate intervention to the malfunction thanks to the remote connection specification.

Eco-friendly and new technology filter

  • Dust-free environment with low emission values
  • Long bag life with bags made of metaaramid material
  • Low energy consumption and low maintenance costs with reverse air flow system
  • Low fuel consumption with burner-filter communication system



With their compact design, each can fit inside the container. Aggregate feeding unit consists of bins, dosing conveyors, collection and dryer feeding conveyor. Aggregate feeding bins are produced with a capacity of 8-12 m³. There are grids on the bin to prevent large-scale aggregates from entering the system. Dosing conveyors feed aggregates according to the amount entered in the recipe. The collection and dryer feeding conveyor transfers the aggregate fed from the dosage conveyors to the dryer inlet. Conveyors are manufactured with 4 layers and court cloth.



Continuous asphalt plant dryer is made of special steel resistant to heat and abrasion.The inner blades are designed to heat the aggregate with low fuel consumption. With the Italian brand burner, you produce uninterrupted hot asphalt. The ring is manufactured from weldless and forged steel. Hot asphalt mix doesn’t occur in the dryer. This not only increases your asphalt quality, but also ensures that your worm works smoothly.

In the asphalt plant, the filter is a very important unit in terms of both your fuel consumption and the environment. Power asphalt plant filters reduce your operating and maintenance costs with reverse air flow technology, heat and wear resistant metaaramid bags, a cleaning mechanism without piston and valve, and a driver-controlled fan system.

Unlike batch type asphalt plants, continuous type asphalt plants don’ t have screen, hot aggregate bins and scales. In the plant, the dosing is done by volume. The aggregates are dosed through the dosing conveyor, the fillers through the star feeder, the bitumen through the flow meter. All these measurements are determined according to the recipe entered into the software.



In the Power Continuous (Continuous) Type Asphalt Plant, the hot asphalt mixture is carried out in a separate mixer, apart from the dryer. With this design, high quality asphalt production is provided. In addition, the hot asphalt mixing time can be changed and equipment such as cellulose and recycling asphalt units can be included in the plant. You can produce stone mastic asphalt, you can produce up to 30% recycling asphalt.


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Power Continuous Asphalt Plant

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