As our production continues, we develop systems that are sensitive to protecting natural resources, aiming to reduce waste at the source before environmental pollution occurs, together with modern industry.

     Our biggest promise is to make environmentally and human-friendly production. Therefore, we aim to control waste, comply with national and international environmental legislation and regulations, identify risks and environmental dimensions related to all processes, and use environmentally friendly technologies.

     In line with our sustainability goals, we take on ecological responsibility and bring a comprehensive approach to environmental protection.Thus we manufacture our products from stainless and heat-resistant materials according to the place of usage. At the same time, we minimize our impact on the environment with the Jet-Pulse filter system in order to prevent air pollution.

     As Power Asphalt, we see the environment as our most valuable treasure, and we believe that the environment should be protected in the best possible way in order to offer a quality life, which is our most valuable heritage for the future life.

     We appreciate the efforts of all our employees in the Power Asphalt family to create a livable environment.


We aim to carry out all stages of our production activities in a healthy and safe working environment, and to become an exemplary company in the eyes of affiliated institutions, chambers of industry and associations in terms of OHS practices as occupational health equipment.

Considering the development of the machinery industry, we anticipate the possible situations that may be encountered in the future, review the continuous development and analyze the health and safety risks that may arise in the working environment and minimize them.

We organize training activities to create and improve occupational health and safety awareness and provide equipment personal protectors in CE standards. We evaluate new products, machines, facilities and processes in terms of occupational health and safety while they are at the project stage.

By adopting the goal of zero work accident and zero occupational disease, we are working with all our power to become an exemplary organization by increasing our productivity by taking the necessary precautions.


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